Carol Wigant, Spokane, WA - "My daughter and I went on the Papercrafts Cruise several years ago. It was fabulous!!! I took my daughter for a graduation from high school present, we had a wonderful experience.

We loved the organization of the ScrapMap team. Whenever I had a question (and I had many, this was my first cruise!!) Jaci got right back to me and was so helpful. The welcome aboard ship was wonderful too. We enjoyed the notes in our mailbox' each time we received one.

This was a wonderful way to take a trip with my daughter and do something we enjoy and have a relaxing enjoyable time."
Jenny Bills - "ScrapMap literally PUTS you on the map!! I love their cruises! And what’s not to love??? Making memories while documenting them, priceless!! A huge fan."
Judy Nieusma - "My tour of Ireland was my first trip to Europe. I was so nervous, but I shouldn’t have been! Every detail was taken care of! Friendships were formed quickly and we saw so many amazing places. It was clear that a huge amount of research went into planning this tour, and I’m so appreciative!"
Amy Turner, London - "Got your email about reviews of previous travels with ScrapMap. Just thought I'd let you know, I have had the pleasure of traveling with ScrapMap on 2 Tim Holtz cruises (2010 & 2011). Both were fantastic! ScrapMap did an outstanding job! Great to deal with, and thought of such nice touches (cupcakes, wine, etc). Truly incredible experiences that I will never forget! Thanks!!"
Sheree Kuhn, Fremont, IN - "Participating in the Canada New England Cruise with Tim Holtz and ScrapMap was an experience that I will remember for all the years of my life. It was an amazing experience which created lasting relationships through diversity. Creative minds were nurtured and challenged every fantastic day."
Christine Lennon, Phoenix, NY - "ScrapMap team made traveling solo a comfortable and secure experience. Don’t be afraid to travel solo on a ScrapMap group trip. You will be integrated into the group quickly from roommate matching if you desire to group member introductions and events like group meals and excursions. ScrapMap team sets the environment for a fun and secure trip. The rest is up to you!

LOVED Tuscany. Thank you so much for making what was a frightening and anxious time traveling solo for the first time after my spouse’s death comforting, secure and FUN! I really appreciate you extending yourself to me. I won’t hesitate to book my next trip through ScrapMap!
Barb Glasier- "Fantastic trip to China-every detail taken into consideration-a trip of a lifetime-thanks"
Maurene McQuestion- "I have participated in 3 of the Tim Holtz cruises with ScrapMap and had an amazing time on all three. The cruise was wonderful as well as the support from ScrapMap, both in the planning arrangements and meeting any of our needs while on ship."
Nancy Dare- "My sister & I have had the pleasure & privilege of doing 3 trips with ScrapMap. We could not have asked or wished for a better experience. They went above & beyond making sure everything was "just right". In fact we were so spoiled by you we wouldn’t want to travel with anyone else!"
Peggy Ward, Port Royal, South Carolina- "It is all about the attention to the details. The wonderful folks at Scrap Map take care of everything from accommodations before the trip, to the transportation arrangements to the airport after the trip is, sadly, as much as you wish it would last forever, ends. There are the mementos tailor made for the trip that are cherished keepsakes. Tim Holtz is a celebrity in the crafting industry and we get the opportunity to travel and craft on a personal basis with him which creates memories that will never be forgotten. Thank you Scrap Map for making these trips possible."
Ashley May- "My mother, oldest daughter and I have been on three ScrapMap Cruises. Caribbean, Hawaii, & Alaska. I can honestly say it was a pleasure working with this company each time. The staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable anytime I had to contact them with questions.

The scrapbook part was an added bonus to the cruises. We always came home with a suitcase of scrapbooking goodies & amazing completed projects. Each cruise, I felt the cost of the cruise, was well worth the price because of all the scrapbooking goodies I came home with."
Anita Ocampo BSN, RN-BC- "I was fortunate enough to be on Tim Holtz’s last cruise with ScrapMap - and I must say it was fantastic!!! I was literally amazed at how well it was planned out, there were several surprises and things I wouldn’t have thought of. I must say I would love to do future events organized by ScrapMap and would love to be on a mailing list."
Lisa W.- " My two favorite things are scrapbooking and traveling, so when I first heard about ScrapMap who combined them both, I was ecstatic! I went on a Stampin Up cruise and in the end loved it! It was a bit rough and unorganized leading up to the trip in that we were provided very little info until a few days before the trip. It was getting to the point that I was getting very nervous because I didn’t know anyone else in the group and I hadn’t gotten any contact info or an itinerary. I later discovered a lot of that information was waiting in my cruise ship room when I arrived, but I would have liked to know some of that before I arrived or at least been told that it would be waiting for me. However, all my worries were alleviated once on the actual cruise began! The sessions were well organized and we did a large number of great projects. We got a ton of free things and I learned a lot from the friendly, knowledgeable instructors. I would absolutely go on another ScrapMap trip. I have actually been regularly looking on the site since I got back for another Stampin Up or other stamping scrapbook trip, but so far haven’t seen one. However when I do, I’m there!"
Deb Ring - " I was fortunate enough to be able to go on the ScrapMap cruise with Tim Holtz to New England and Canada. It was my first time ever being on a cruise and I totally enjoyed it. I loved the intro party and the good bye party.

I was not able to go to the Caribbean on Tim’s last cruise, but hope someday to be able to do another ScrapMap cruise. It was certainly what memories where made from.

Thank you again for making my first and hopefully not my last cruise so enjoyable."
Karen Santos - "My trip w/ ScrapMap was a cruise to the Caribbean in 2006. I loved that there were classes while we were at sea. It was a great way to do something onboard that I really enjoyed and meet some great people. I'm still friends w/ 3 ladies I met on the cruise. I love that this company combines 2 of my favorite things: traveling and scrapbooking. Such a great idea!"
Megan, Australia- "In the fall of 2010 I went on a fabulous ScrapMap cruise to New England and Canada. Taking our classes was the inspirational Tim Holtz, who put incredible energy and passion into every moment. The shop full of tempting crafty goodness was staffed by the tireless Mario, and the other staff were always helpful and supportive. The cruise itself was a wonderful experience on the Voyager of the Seas, and it worked really well that ScrapMap had booked the conference suite for our classes, the shop, and 24 hour a day access to craft at all hours to our hearts’ content. Tim had brought the newly released Vagabond for us to use, and it really got a workout.

The organization by ScrapMap was first class, everything ran very smoothly. The ports (Boston, Portland, Bar Harbour, Halifax) offered great excursions and gorgeous fall colours. Before the cruise in New York, we squeezed in a shopping trip with fellow crafters to some of New York’s hidden gems, and in Boston we also did a trip up to Absolutely Everything, a craft store with, yes, absolutely everything you could want.

The other crafters were a great bunch of people, passionate, talented and friendly, and we quickly made friends. The classes were of course a highlight, as anything with Tim is, and the projects were fantastic. I learned so much in such a short time. It was a very memorable trip and well worth the money. I would go again in a heartbeat."
Barbara Albrecht- "I took the Tim Holtz Artful Adventure to Italy with ScrapMap in October 2013. It was a wonderful adventure!! I've never been to Europe or on any type of group tour before. I was a bit concerned about the large number of participants and the amount of time I'd have to explore on my own or with friends. I really, REALLY enjoyed the trip. It was well planned and allowed us to explore on our own as much or as little as we wanted. Also, I appreciated staying in one hotel for the majority of the trip which meant more time to just enjoy the experience and not have to unpack and pack multiple times. It was very nice having all the daily excursions included in the cost of the trip.

The guides, ScrapMap arranged for us, were knowledgeable and patient with such a large group. I could tell they loved their cities and their job, which was refreshing.

Another little touch... ScrapMap arranged for wake-up calls for all of us each day so we didn't have to even think about it ourselves. The hotels we stayed in were well chosen and very nice. The motor coach we used for the entire trip was always clean and the driver a major magician in the way he handled the coach in traffic and narrow roads... thank you Adrianno!!

The classes we had with Tim Holtz were amazing, fun and creative. It was fun to have Tim and Mario as part of the group and not just the craft facilitators.

I would definitely consider taking more trips with ScrapMap."
Christy Baltzell, Ogallala NE - "I was lucky enough to take the ScrapMap "Crafting in the Caribbean" Cruise with Tim Holtz in 2011. I had a wonderful time. It was so well organized and everyone was very welcoming and gracious. Our projects were awesome. It was a good mix of vacation/creative time. Loved it!. Nuff said."
Anita - "I’ve traveled with ScrapMap 4 times in the last 5 years, and each time I go I’ve never been disappointed! The itineraries, the knowledge of the places we visit, the food, the laughter, the fun, just make me so happy that it’s so hard to go home afterward. The office personnel are always so helpful and friendly too. I don’t think I’ll ever travel through another travel service again. Thank you ScrapMap for always fulfilling my expectations (and then some), and always making my dreams come true!!!!"
Angie Turner- "I went on the Caribbean cruise with Tim Holtz in 2011. It was absolutely fantastic. Everything from start to finish went smoothly. Everyone at scrap map was so nice and generally cared about making my scrappy sister and I happy. Tim was of course wonderful and inspiration. He is so Much fun. Love him and his crew. I would highly recommend ScrapMap to anyone and can’t wait to have another adventure with them. :D thanks for the wonderful memories."
Monica Orlofski - "I traveled to Tuscany last year for the Tim Holtz tour. It was fabulous. I totally enjoyed all destinations as well as the accommodations. I would definitely do another trip. Africa and Germany for sure. Thank you to ScrapMap for putting the trip together."
Bridget Larsen, Canberra Australia - "My first experience with ScrapMap was on the inaugural Tim Holtz Cruise to Alaska on Norwegian Cruises, it was the best experience of my life, not having done a cruise in my whole life before. The service was awesome, the people on the ship were friendly and went above and beyond to make our cruise a memorable one. ScrapMap did a tremendous job organising every aspect of the craft portion and it is a memory I will never forget.

Thank you ScrapMap, Tim Holtz and Norwegian Cruises"
Sherry Letchford- "The scrapbook cruise I went on in Sept to the Carribbean was my first real cruise. I loved the food, and all the classes and goodies. Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse so Jamaica was wet and the ferry ride to the Tulum ruins was rough. I would do another cruise in a heart beat am waiting to hear about the Alaska one in 2015."
Melanie - "I had a fabulous opportunity to join ScrapMap on a cruise through the gorgeous Caribbean in January of 2009. I took advantage of their amazing payment plan option to make this trip obtainable. As a stay at home mom this allowed me to save for my payment month to month and make this experience so stress-less. Jaci was fabulous and helped me find a suitable cabin mate as I was venturing out on this trip all by myself. Norma was a perfect match for me and we had a blast together on this trip. I am happy to say that even now, years later we are still in touch. All because of meeting through ScrapMap on this cruise.

The teachers on this particular ship were of the highest caliber and I thoroughly enjoyed every single class. The product and giveaways were all first class and I was happy to take them home.

The small class sizes were superb and it allowed for a lot of one on one attention from the wonderful scrapbook celebrities including the creme de la creme Heidi Swapp, Donna Downey, Theresa Collins, Karen Russell and Margie Romney-Aslett.

To this day I have nothing by the fondest memories of this trip and I can’t wait to travel with ScrapMap again in the future. I have several friends who have had experiences just as rewarding on their trips with ScrapMap."
Brenda Rein - "I have been on two of the ScrapMap Tim Holtz cruises. They were the best cruises I have been on. they were extremely well organized. Everything was great. I highly recommend traveling with ScrapMap. Everything went very smoothly. I am looking forward to traveling with ScrapMap in the future!!!"
Eileen Pyne, Girdwood, AK - "Truly an amazing and wonderful journey; loved the magic of Machu Picchu, but really loved the adventure and animals of the Amazon! I think we had a wonderful group of people to journey with."
Raylene Brooks, South Surrey, BC - "The trip was a nice balance of adventure and luxury. I doubt whether other tours would venture as many out of the way places as we did."
Danielle Gale, Hillsboro, OR - "Loved the itinerary of this trip. Saw and did so many exciting things. Wonderful, small group. (I don't like to travel with groups larger than 28 people."
Tinka Rote, San Antonio, TX - "The South America trip was outstanding."
Danyelle Dwyer, East Bridgewater, MA - "The most amazing adventure of a lifetime!!"
Lucy Harville, Central Point, OR - "This trip was extraordinary in its variety of destinations and activities. Would recommend participation by people who are reasonably physically fit due to the amount of stairs and hiking involved."
Donna Nelson, Signal Mountain, TN - "It was fun, hard, fulfilling, exhausting, exciting, and the most amazing adventure I've ever had. I would do it all over again, even knowing I had to climb a zillions steps!"
Anastasia Stratis, Centerville, OH - "Craftours organizes the best trips. Knowledge of the areas visited and the accommodations are first rate."
Pat Terranova, Monroe Township, NJ - "This certainly was a trip of a lifetime! exploring the "old world" village of Rupholding, Austria was astounding! enjoying Munich, Germany was quite interesting. Loved seeing the contrast of the 2 areas."
Barbara Burgs, Southwest Ranches, FL - "This was a first class trip with great sites and lots of opportunities to connect with the places we visited. I appreciated all the pre-planning Craftours did to make each field trip run smoothly so we got the maximum out of the tour."
Miranda van den Bosch, Ridderkerk, Holland - "It was a wonderful trip with amazing people , we had a blast."
Shaunesy MacRunnels-Story, Hillsborough, NC - "An exciting introduction to Germany/Austria/Bavaria. Each day we were introduced to a new quaint town. By the end of the day they were old friends."
June Stone, Tinton Falls, NJ - "Top notch travel!"
Angela Medina, Forney, TX - "This was a fabulous tour. I would highly recommend to anyone."
Kim Stirrett, Leander, TX - "I loved the trip to Germany. Ruhpolding, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Oberammergau were amazing."
Betty Brown, Englewood, Florida - "Such a wonderful trip, so much to see and do. God willing I will go again on one of your trips."
Karen Morey, Omaha, Nebraska - "The tour was outstanding! My friends and I enjoyed the mix of organized time and free time so we were able to go off on our own adventures (including 3 shows in London!). Agnes, our guide, made it a very personal experience, and I would definitely take another tour with Craftours!"
Nancy Jo Marsden, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania - "This was my first tour with McCalls. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to England from beginning to end. The hotels were first class with excellent service & food. Great Quilt Show in Birmingham! Craftours and their staff were very organized, helpful & friendly. Alice went beyond her duty by taking 17 of us on a personal tour of London on our last day. That was the best!"
Cynthia Stanhope, Parksville, British Columbia - "I loved every minute of it. All places were on my bucket list. Sometimes I find it hard to believe it happened!"
Diane Hickey, Highland,Illinois - "This is an wonderfully comprehensive tour which encompasses several quilt venues as well as many outstanding tourist sites. I recommend it highly"
Terri Westberg, Oscoda, Michigan - "I had a lovely time, and What a grand adventure. All the sites were just as beautiful as hoped. We had a good balance of directed activities and freedom to go off on our own.The Hotel and food arrangements were very comfortable and I truly felt a bit spoiled! Thank you!"
Mary Lou Palmer, Waverly, New York - "The tour was so well organized, we didn't have to worry about a thing."
Linda Kelsey, Bloomington, Indiana - "I very much enjoyed the tour and was especially pleased that nothing, except for showing up at the bus on time, was mandatory. I think that more explanation about public transport in London would have been helpful for some people."
Lu Tormaschy, Dickinson, North Dakota - "The trip was well organized and very enjoyable for me and my first travel experience to England. Awesome experience! "
Karen Phillips, Shoreline, Washington - "Nicely organized tour"
Florence Davis, Winter Haven, Florida - "Craftours has done such a terrific job in working with the Graphic 45 team to organize and carry out this cruise. Every detail for our comfort, classes and fun has been attended to. Well done Craftours!"
Mary Meckling, Merritt Isl, Florida - "I love my crafting cruises with Craftours and their awesome team! Sherrill and Russel always have a smile, a helping hand, a funny story or a hug for us- each and every day. I will definitely be making another crafting cruise reservation with Craftours!"
Kathi Mann, Klamath Falls, Oregon - "Staff are very friendly and ready to go above and beyond. Great Experience."
Cheryl Bensky, Memphis, Tennessee - " The Craftours staff was efficient and helpful with aiding in instructions! Would definitely go on another Craftour!"
Carla Roddy, Spring Valley, California - "Craftours and Graphic 45 were a great pairing for their first cruise event. Loved the pampering with champagne and cupcakes...yummy!"
Elena Bernal Hoyos, Madrid, Spain - "In love with this trip and with all of you. I never forget this."
Terri Londre, Surprize, Arizona - "Craftours hit a home run with the first ever Graphic 45 cruise. Everything they promised they delivered. I am tired but happy. I would do it all over again. Thanks for the special memories."
Judy Chamberlain, Henderson, Nevada - "Craftours and their staff are there to take care of all our needs so that the Graphic 45 team could concentrate on teaching the classes. This scrapbook cruise has been an extraordinary experience for me. I am looking forward to a future adventure with Craftours!"
Sara Isabel Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain - "It has been a fantastic experience- many people scraping in the middle of the ocean. Perfect."
Sarah Schatz, Jameston, North Dakota - "Outstanding trip! My first cruise and I cannot imagine a better experience-the boat was incredible, the locations were breathtaking, but most of all I loved the crafting! I will definitely look for another Craftour!"
Sally Flagler, Chapel Hill, North Carolina - "How much more could we have asked for, new friends, family, fabulous Graphics 45 and a cruise that allowed us to see new places and expand our creativity. Truly an adventure of a lifetime!"
Cynthia Sanders, Forney, Texas - "Looking forward to many more trips. This is truly the best organized company I have ever been a part of. Craftours, be proud!"
Sandy Douglass, Englewood, Florida - "What an amazing trip, thank you for giving us an avenue to create and be creative. Thank you so much for the opportunity!"
Lyndsey Jamieson, Alberta, Canada - "I felt incredibly well taken care of at all times. I very much look forward to traveling with this company again."
Therese M. Whitt, Rotonda West, Florida - "I had a sensational experience due to the expertise of the Craftours team. I intend to book many more trips with Craftours in the future- beginning as soon as I return home."
Patti Schatz, New England, North Dakota - "The Graphics 45 team has been marvelous. Our projects are so beautiful and the tutorials were so easy to follow. Thank you, Craftours, for putting this together and getting Graphic 45 to share their creativity with us."
Gail Common, North Bend, Oregon - "I love traveling and learning about other cultures around the world. Making a trip with Craftours would be an adventure and the trip of a lifetime."
Kim Russel, Burnsville, Minnesota - "Everything exceeded my expectations. It has been a truly amazing, wonderful holiday! Sherrill and Russel are fabulous! This will definitely not be my only holiday with Craftours!"
Raquel Fernandez, Cadiz, Spain - "Adore the workshops and the Craftours organization, love Graphic 45!"
Ann Ullery, Holiday, Florida - "My experience with the Craftours team has been the most enjoyable and rewarding experience- ever! Kudos to Craftours for making this crafting cruise my most memorable. Looking forward to traveling with Craftours again!"
Jenna Andrews, London, United Kingdom - "I would recommend Graphic 45 Craftours to anyone- beginner or advanced, safe in the knowledge that they will enjoy their trip immediately. I can't wait for my next Graphic 45 trip!"
Gwen Neale, Coos Bay, Oregon - "Could not have enjoyed myself more. I am looking forward to many more Craftours!"
Lynley Flagler, St. Petersburg, Florida - "The Craftours team did a phenomenal job organizing a 1920's extravaganza with Graphic 45!"
Cheryl Mckinney, San Diego, California - "Craftours crew were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They offered many tips and kind smiles to help us enjoy our cruise to the maximum."
Laura Ladd, Bristol, United Kingdom - "We were blown away by the hospitality of your whole team. I can't thank you enough and I can't wait to see you all again on my next Craftour!"
Traci Wheatley, Westminster, Maryland - "My experience with you guys has been life changing and I will never forget it! I can't wait to see more from your exceptional team in the future! I will be booking another tour with you soon!"
Trish Snipes, Rio Rancho, New Mexico - "I enjoyed myself tremendously. This will not be my last voyage with Craftours!"